How to Get Started with Paleo

As far a paleo diet is concerned there are a lot of misconceptions among people. Some think it is just about meat products while most people think it is way too complicated but if you seriously want to get started with a paleo diet, here are a few tips all beginners will find useful.


Eat more veggies

If you check online you will find loads of articles that write off paleo diet as a meat only diet plan but trust me it is not the entire truth

An actual paleo diet contains loads of veggies. To be more specific, in a good paleo diet at least of your meal should be of vegetables and the rest of meat.

Eat good quality meat

Like I mentioned before a good paleo diet contains meat but it is important the meat is of high quality. If you are going to depend on burgers and hot dogs for your meat consumption you are doing it all wrong.

I would suggest you buy good quality meat cuts and whenever possible prepare your own meat. This may be a little expensive but it will have a good impact on your overall health.

Eat less fruits

Very often we make the mistake of putting fruits and veggies into the same category and then end up eating more fruits rather than vegetables. Now fruits are a good choice but if you consume more of high sugar fruits you need a change.

An important part of a paleo diet is limiting sugar intake. Now I am not suggesting you completely leave out fruits but it will be best if you opt for low sugared fruits such as berries that won’t have a drastic impact on your body’s sugar levels.

Consume healthy fats

No a paleo diet or any good diet plan for that matter does not suggest leaving fats completely out of your diet. Yes unhealthy fats such as Trans fats need to be avoided but you need to make up by eating more of healthy fats like omega 3’s etc.

For a paleo diet I would suggest avocados. You can also eat more of organic butter and coconut oil for your daily healthy dose of fats.

Stop consuming added sugar

One of the biggest no’s of a paleo diet is consuming added sugar. Added sugar imbalances your blood sugar levels which results in more fat storage due to which you tend to put on weight.

So the next time you go grocery shopping make sure you check out each item and opt for foods with no added sugar. Hard to find such products nowadays, right? Well in such cases reduce it as much as you can and switch to whole wheat items wherever possible.

How to Stick to a Vegan Diet on a Tight Budget

With the busy city life that can be both emotionally as well as physically demanding it is important you remain healthy and for that you need a good nutritious diet which can often be a costly affair. So what can you do if you are on a tight budget? Below I have covered my tips for a healthy low budget vegetarian diet.

Tight Budget Vegan Diet

Juice carefully

Initially when I moved to New York I used to drink fresh fruit smoothies etc. almost every day which used to be quite costly since fruits such as berries etc. do not come cheap.

A more cost effective way for you to juice daily would be to stick to green vegetable smoothies rather than exotic fruit smoothies. I recently switched to spinach, cucumber and avocado smoothie that perfectly fits my budget.

Shop sensibly

I love shopping in modern markets, not only because it is fun and easy but also because these markets provide a more budget friendly mode of shopping and offer good quality fruits and veggies for the same price.

In case your schedule is too tight and you don’t have the time to go shopping I would suggest you look for small stalls and grab a few important things on your way back home.

Get more whole grains and legumes

Do you buy your veggies on a daily or weekly basis? Well when it comes to buying whole grain items like breads, pastas etc. and legumes I would suggest you buy them in bulk. Now this may seem like paying too much at the time but trust me in the longer you will benefit from it.

Yes easy to cook food items cost you less but they won’t last you long enough and prove to be more costly on a monthly basis.

Freeze the greens

Initially I had trouble storing green vegetables such as spinach etc. since they tend to get spoilt really quickly and it was only after a friend suggest to me that I started freezing them and trust me it works just don’t leave them in there too long.

Buy them in bulk, keep them frozen and simply throw them into your smoothies or even your curries or stir fried foods.

Get your own lunch

Do you end up buying a sandwich or burger for lunch? I usually prefer to carry my own lunch because buying lunch daily used to cost me too much and if you ever lived in New York you would know that a burger or sandwich does not come cheap here.

Carrying your own lunch is not only good for your health but your pocket as well. Cook up something that is healthy to eat and easy to carry like a quinoa and egg muffin.

How to Get Enough Protein When You’re a Vegetarian?

When we talk about proteins the first thing that comes to mind is meat but what if you are vegetarian? Is meat the only way to a good protein diet?

Well actually not and below in this article I have listed some awesome high protein vegetarian food items for all you veggie lovers out there.

Vegan Protein Source


1 serve of well-cooked quinoa contains around 7-8 grams of proteins and believe it or not even NASA approves of it and wants to grow it on its space stations. It is similar to couscous but is tastier and healthier as compared to it.

Are you a rice eater? Well then quinoa is an ideal replacement and is loaded with fiber, iron, magnesium and manganese. You can make cookies, muffins etc. using quinoa.


An interesting fact about buckwheat is that it is not really wheat but more like rhubarb. Ever heard of soba? Well while most people prefer to eat this by grinding it and mixing it with flour the Japanese have converted it into really awesome noodles known as soba.

Buckwheat is a super healthy food and is known to better blood circulation in the body, reduce cholesterol and also maintain glucose levels. Its 1 serving contains around 5-6 grams of proteins.


No we are not talking about the one that will get you stoned. This hempseed is more like the good cousin of that one and has all the important amino acids. It also contains magnesium, iron, calcium etc.

Hempseed is one of the very few veggie foods to contain important fatty acids such as omega 3 which will help you deal better with depression while still in your senses. 2 tablespoons of hempseeds contains around 8-10 grams of proteins.


Continuing on omega 3 fatty acids, chia is the richest source of it for vegetarians. It contains Iron, zinc and some antioxidants. Apart from that it is also a source of fiber and is way healthier than flax seeds or any nut.

A cool thing about chia is that when mixed with water or milk it makes a nice gel which you can add to your puddings or smoothies and even use for baking cakes etc. 1 tablespoon of chia seeds contains 2 grams of proteins.


Tired of eating beans? Well then I have the perfect substitute for you i.e. Soy. Soy contains higher amounts of methionine which an essential amino acid and is the ideal food if you want to switch to a meat free diet.

Tofu is the soy product I would recommend you. For more proteins you should buy the hardest tofu available. Remember that the harder it is, the higher the amount of proteins. 1 serving of tofu will provide you with about 20 grams of proteins.

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Coffee

For hundreds of years, coffee has helped push human race forward. From mathematicians to painters, almost every popular name in the history of humanity has relied on coffee to wake up the creative powers that lie dormant in us.

If you’re a caffeine fanatic like me then you’re at the right place. Here I’ve compiled the ultimate list of all the different types of coffee that are available to keep your creative energies awake.


We all are familiar with the ol’ Espresso. Pure coffee in liquid form.

Espresso is made by forcing a very small amount of very hot water through finely ground coffee beans and what we get is a rich concentration of coffee in liquid form.

The caffeine content in the average serving of an espresso shot ranges from 120 to 170 milligrams.

Caffè Americano

Caffè Americano is for you if you like to savour the flavours of a good coffee.

An Americano is made by adding hot water to one or more shots of espresso and thus how concentration of caffeine depends on the number of espresso shots you add.

The caffeine content in an average serving of an Americano is around 150 mg.

Café Cubano

Café Cubano, which is also known as cuban coffee, is a variation of the origianl espresso which is known to have originated from Cuba.

Essentially, it is an sweet espresso shot which is made by adding demerara sugar while brewing.

Caffè crema

Caffè crema is basically an espresso shot but with foam on top. The foam is generated due to long pull brewing that lasts anywhere between 20 to 30 seconds.

The coffee used is coarse grounded coffee. It ensures that that coffee is not over-extracted.

Cafe Zorro

Cafe Zorro is a double espresso shot with hot water added to it in a 1:1 ratio.


Doppio is basically a double shot that is extracted simultaneously using double coffee filters. This is how coffee is prepared in modern coffee houses like Costa.

Espresso Romano

An Espresso Romano is a shot of espresso served with a slice of lemon. While that is an interesting combination, a really interesting fact about this drink is that despite the name, the drink has no evident links to the Romans.


Guillermo is a variation of Espresso Romano and you make it by pouring a shot of espresso over slices of lime.


Ristretto is one of the most popular variations of an espresso that you’ve probably heard of.

A ristretto is a more concentrated version of the traditional espresso. To make an espresso, you pass half the amount of water through the same amount of ground coffee.


Aah…The king of coffee-based beverages.

Cappuccino, which is a , is one of my favourite coffee based drinks.

To make a cappuccino, we add hot milk to a shot or two of espresso and top it with foamed milk.

What I love about the cappuccino is that we get both the rich flavour of coffee and the smooth texture that comes with milk froth.


A variation of the traditional cappuccino, an Antoccino is a 1:1 composition of a single shot of espresso and hot milk.


A breve is a combination of espresso, milk and cream. While half of the composition comes from one espresso shot, the other half has varying amounts of milk and cream.

Café bombón

With its origins in Spain, Café bombón is made by adding sweetened condensed milk to a shot of espresso in a 1:1 ratio.

Café bombón has a visual signature to it and it is generally served in a glass. The milk is added gradually so that it settles on the bottom which creates an aesthetically pleasing separation bands.


Cortado is the spanish verb for cutting and it effectively captures the essence of this drink, which is to stain or cut the espresso with a small amount of milk.

Thus, a Cortado is made from espresso and a little amount of steamed milk. There might be a little amount of froth at the top but that is not essential to the core drink.


An Espressino is bascially espresso and steamed milk along with cocoa powder.

Flat white

A flat white is made with microfoam, which is basically steamed milk with a very small amount of foam over espresso.

The number of shots and the amount of milk used can vary and there isn’t a specific ratio to it. However, the coffee content is always more than the milk content.

What differentiates this beverage from the cappuccino or the latte is the variation in texture.

Caffe Latte

Caffe Latte is Italian for milk coffee. It is a composition of an espresso shot and steamed milk in a 1:3 ratio.

Just like cappuccino, Caffe latte also features milk foam at the top.Caffe Latte is popular among people who love the mild flavours of coffee.


Galão is a hot portugese drink that is espresso with foamed milk and the ratio is around 1:3.  The proportions are very similar to Caffe latte.

Café au lait

Café au lait is french for “Coffee with milk” and that’s exactly what it is : an espresso shot with hot milk.


A Mochaccino is basically Cappuccino with chocolate flavouring.


Macchiato is basically an espresso shot with a very small amount of foamed milk. Macchiato offers both a very strong aroma and intense flavours of coffee.

Interestly, the milk is foamed directly into the cup and then later espresso is added to it. A pinch of cocoa powder can be added as per choice.